The Inner journey of Denias to get education in Denias, Senandung di Atas Awan

The first education themed Indonesian movie during Indonesian film industry history is exposed in Ari Sihasale’s debut, Denias, Senandung di Atas Awan. This film presents a struggle of a boy, Denias, in pursuing his dream to achieve a better education. The boy goes through several impossible procesess and then he can reach his dream which is the opportunity to be a student. Also, through this movie, Denias is recognized as a hero. Thus, I am interested to analyze how Denias’ inner jouner is. In order to help my pursuit in answering my statement of the problem, I decided to use Christopher Vogler’s theory which is the Character Arc. In order to reveal Denias’ inner journey, I will use the first act of character arc and its five stages to reveal Denias’departure to find education. Furthermore, I will apply the second act and its four stages to reveal Denias’ inner process to get education. In the end, I will apply the third act and its stages to reveal how Denias’perseverance to maintain his goal in pursuing his education. Thus, in the end of this study, I can conclude that a common boy can also be recognized as a hero because he has a great effort. This effort can be seen through his (Denias’) inner journey that leads him to be an educated person.

  • (11410042) JERMI ARIANTO PELLO
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